[Game] Ishido

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[Game] Ishido

16 May 2017, 11:56


I'd like to share with you a humble version of one of my most dearest old games. Ishido, the Way of Stones.

Here you can find all the info about the game, including the manual, brought to you by his original programmer, Ian Gilman. I implemented just the solitaire version, the one I used to play back then. No i-ching either.

- I've been coding with autohotkey for years, but never with an OOP approach. With this little project I practiced a little, altough I suppose there will be some things that should be done in a different way.
- Not so many ahk games, so I'm glad to make a tiny contribution.

- Graphics are looousy, but functional. If someone could make a better stoneset and/or board, please share with me.
- Right-Click menu.
- To play a stone there's no need to "pick it up" first by clicking on it, just click on the board to place it.

- Add Load/Save game.
- Add capability to change the stoneset and the board.
- Add checking of required files (I'll do, I swear)

I tested it for days (on Windows 7 x64 and autohotkey and it seems to me there are no bugs, but if you find anything please let me know. Also if you find something unusual in the code.

Enjoy and give your opinion.

(Edited to change download code to github link.)

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Re: [Game] Ishido

16 May 2017, 15:21

I'm always happy to see someone working on games with AutoHotkey.
This was pretty fun to play.
Could you host the source at GitHub though?
And could you add the rules somewhere? I got really confused when I tried it.
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Re: [Game] Ishido

16 May 2017, 16:11

Sure, nnnik. The idea is put the stones in the board to create opportunites in order to put a stone next to other four stones thus scoring more points. Tomorrow I will try to put some screenshots of valid movements, it'll be easier see it than write it. Meanwhile you can read the manual (though is plain text) in the website of Ian Gilman, and I'll recomend also read The legend of stones, a beautiful story which adds background to the game.

Regarding github, I'm not familiar with it, I'll investigate a little.

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