Need help with converting Korean characters

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Need help with converting Korean characters

07 Jun 2017, 07:23

Hello, I have a question about character conversion, basically I need to convert this -> Âû¶û¸ðÀÚ into this -> 찰랑모자 and vice versa.
But I have no idea on how to do this..
Any help is appreciated, thank you very much :)
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Re: Need help with converting Korean characters

25 Jun 2017, 21:26

Try this. Pressing hash char after your korean chars will type the chars after the SendInput command.

Code: Select all

:?*c:Âû¶û¸ðÀÚ#::                                    ; Âû¶û¸ðÀÚ# types 찰랑모자
SendInput, 찰랑모자

:?*c:찰랑모자#::                                    ; 찰랑모자# types Âû¶û¸ðÀÚ
SendInput, Âû¶û¸ðÀÚ
You can replace the hash char with every unusual key on your keyboard.
For further information look at the Hotstring reference.
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