[SOLVED] COM+IE - Can't locate a preexisting browser object

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[SOLVED] COM+IE - Can't locate a preexisting browser object

26 Apr 2014, 16:55

Hey community,

I use COM with internet explorer browser objects a lot. I use the following method to retrieve the browser object of existing windows:

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; Adapted from Jethrow's IEGet()
Explorers := ComObjCreate("Shell.Application").Windows
; Then iterate through the windows to find a match between This.FullName and the title of the active window, etc
HOWEVER, sometimes (not always, but fairly often) the active window is NOT listed among the browser objects retrieved in this manner. For instance if I have 5 internet explorer windows open, the Explorers object might only contain 4 browser objects. I don't remember experiencing this problem before updating to IE10 (I use IE11).

Has anyone experienced this problem, and know a solution? Thanks!
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Re: COM+IE - Unable to locate a preexisting browser object

27 Apr 2014, 11:55

I haven't seen this issue, though I haven't been doing much windows scripting lately. If IEGet() isn't working for you, I'd recommend using WBGet(). It can be found here.

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