AHK源代码加密器 v3.1

许多实用脚本和封装函数, 可以让您编写脚本更加便捷高效

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Re: AHK源代码加密器 v3.0

02 Aug 2020, 12:56

Amazing that blackdragon57 waited 3 years before making the first post, and on this particular thread. I've not seen such a difference between join date and posting on this website before.

True, Kaspersky or various anti-virus software can cause problems. Exceptions can be one solution, if you (or your users) are the owner or have administrative rights to the computers involved, and you fully trust the software involved. Switching to different anti-virus software or contacting the anti-virus company directly, could also be viable. If contacting companies, I would advise not to toy with professionals as that can backfire, so better to bring only legitimate needs and issues.
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Re: AHK源代码加密器 v3.1

04 Aug 2020, 22:00

更新到 v3.1 版本: :dance: :beer:
1、新增了 CreateThread() 函数,利用多线程的方式防止主程序的命名管道卡住。
2、更新了 OnlyOne() 函数,利用 CreateMutex 生成互斥体对象,更好地防止重复运行。

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