MSJ - Microsoft Systems Journal (1986-2000)

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MSJ - Microsoft Systems Journal (1986-2000)

05 Feb 2018, 08:04

Microsoft Systems Journal was the first programming publication from Microsoft. Predating the Windows operating system, MSJ covered MS-DOS internals beginning in 1986. It progressed to cover the workings of Windows so that programmers could write applications for the then-new operating system. MSJ saw the evolution from MS-DOS to Windows 1.0, all the way up to Windows 2000 before merging with Microsoft Internet Developer to form MSDN Magazine in March 2000.


Content dating from 1992 onwards is still available here.

Back Issues — 2000
Back Issues — 1999
Back Issues — 1998
Back Issues — 1997
Back Issues — 1995-1996
Back Issues — 1986-1994

MSJ - Source Code
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Erm, looks like you have to download the MSJ's monthly issues one by one to check'm out :shh:

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