Window Spy resize

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Window Spy resize

01 Mar 2018, 03:26

The width of Focused Control text field is not adjusted when the Window Spy dialog is resized horizontally.

BTW maybe it would also be better if one of the text fields would expand vertically when the window is resized vertically.
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Re: Window Spy resize

01 Mar 2018, 06:27

Also, for Active Window Position, the Client X/Y coordinates are missing, this might make someone think that they are the same as the X/Y coordinates in the line above (they are not).
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Re: Window Spy resize

02 Mar 2018, 10:09

the WindowSpy is now just an AHK script, so you can fix the changes and submit a pull request on github to have the changes merged in

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Re: Window Spy resize

10 Jul 2018, 16:46

guest3456 wrote:the WindowSpy is now just an AHK script, so you can fix the changes and submit a pull request on github to have the changes merged in
Hmm. I could not find github-site with WindowSpy.
Could be more difficult than using alternative WindowSpy versions.

My WindowSpy has had weird behaviour. The last days, some controls could be resized to zero. :wtf:
I fixed it quickly, see below:

Code: Select all

ctrlW := A_GuiWidth ; - horzMargin ; <--- comment this out
list = Title,MousePos,MouseCur,Pos,SBText,VisText,AllText,Freeze,Ctrl ; <<-- add "Ctrl" to resize this forgotten edit-control
To reduce global maintenance it would be nice if this could be fixed for next update.
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Re: Window Spy resize

11 Jul 2018, 22:28

It's part of the AutoHotkey-Release repository. ... Spy.v1.ahk

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