Right-align GUI-buttons

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Right-align GUI-buttons

04 May 2018, 14:09

An option to stack GUI-buttons from right to left.
At the moment they can only be stacked/ aligned from left to right. I know you can position them manually into the lower right, then make them redraw and re-calculate their position programmatically - thanks to helpful forum members who showed me how to do it - but still, this takes considerable extra code to pull it off and sometimes results in drawing glitches/ artifacts when resizing forms.

It would be so much easier if right-aligning were a built-in parameter when adding buttons to a form.
Imo, it just looks better when buttons (Retry, Cancel, OK) are located at the lower-right corner of a GUI, that's where the visual flow gravitates to and ends up at, after reading from top left to bottom right - where a decision has to be made. Most programs and Windows dialogs offer their buttons at this corner, and not stacked up to the left side.

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