Load DLL in DllCall from Base64

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Load DLL in DllCall from Base64

31 May 2018, 15:17

Hi people! I need load Dll library from base64 string without save binary file. It's really or not?
Or how i can load dll without store it like as file on my PC?
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Re: Load DLL in DllCall from Base64

01 Jun 2018, 07:45

Hello, I tried to do this a few months ago, for a project that I'm doing. Specifically this, but without luck. Well, I did not really spend a lot of time trying, just a few minutes, and I left it. It just seemed like a very unreliable method. I have decided not to waste more time trying.
Finally, I decided to include the dll file as a resource in the executable and extract it in the system temp folder.
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