Create multiple step in auto hot key

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Create multiple step in auto hot key

14 Jun 2018, 08:27

I am new in autohotkey (AHK). I need to convert manual steps to automation like when i upload a CSV the automation script will run and read CSV and get account number from CSV and search this user in database and search all records in folder as well (image,pdf etc) and convert into PDF and store in a one folder there i will set path.
Here is the process :
  • 1 : Upload one CSV with multiple users like account #0001,#0002,#0003 etc
    2 : After upload CSV automation script will run and start search user by account number one by one and get all record from folder and print on the PDF
    3 : create pdf for every user and store in my set location like user_0001.pdf , user_0002.pdf etc....
This script is possible by AHK. I have user below code and read CSV but for next step i am stuck. let me know.

Code: Select all

Loop, read, path/csv_read.csv
        LineNumber = %A_Index%
        Loop, parse, A_LoopReadLine, CSV
    ;        MsgBox, 4, , Field %LineNumber%-%A_Index% is:`n%A_LoopField%`n`nContinue?
    ;        IfMsgBox, No
    ;            return
       msgbox %field1% %field2% %field3% %field4% %field5% %field6%
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Create multiple step in auto hot key

15 Jun 2018, 17:37

Hello and welcome to the AHK-Forum.
Your task is not easy to solve.
I had a similar task and I solved (am solving) it with CSV-Library.
Maybe it looks weird, but it is real easy to use. :crazy:
Here is an example with search engine.
Start small with creating a ListView and only one Edit-Field for typing search term.
Good Luck
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