SOLVED: AHKHID and Griffin Powermate

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SOLVED: AHKHID and Griffin Powermate

14 Jun 2018, 17:55

Hey all,

trying to get the Griffin Powermate working with AHKHID, but this is really a hell of a job.
I think I got the most important bits already together:
Screenshot 2018-06-15 00.47.11.png
Screenshot 2018-06-15 00.47.11.png (58.28 KiB) Viewed 138 times
But I have no idea how to get along here. One of the function I want to assign is the 000001006F1000 (turning the wheel right).
How do I proceed here?

What I got so far:

Code: Select all

Gui, +LastFound
hGui := WinExist()
OnMessage(WM_INPUT, "InputMsg")
r := AHKHID_Register(12, 1, hGui, RIDEV_INPUTSINK)
InputMsg(wParam, lParam)
 Local devh, iKey, sLabel
 devh := AHKHID_GetInputInfo(lParam, II_DEVHANDLE)
 If (devh <> -1) And (AHKHID_GetDevInfo(devh, DI_DEVTYPE, True) = RIM_TYPEHID) And (AHKHID_GetDevInfo(devh, DI_HID_VENDORID, True) = 1917) And (AHKHID_GetDevInfo(devh, DI_HID_PRODUCTID, True) = 1040) And (AHKHID_GetDevInfo(devh, DI_HID_VERSIONNUMBER, True) = 8)
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