AHK plus Everything plus Browser addon Midnight Lizard

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AHK plus Everything plus Browser addon Midnight Lizard

13 Jul 2018, 03:43

Win7 64bit SP1

I'm using AHK together with Everything (the Windows search program) and the Browsers Firefox and Google Chrome.

After installing the addon
Midnight Lizard
and activating the ON-Mode (override the Websites colours with dark colours)
AHK does not function anymore in the Browsers.

Midnight Lizard:

What have I to do that AHK will function together with Midnight Lizard?

Thank you
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Re: AHK plus Everything plus Browser addon Midnight Lizard

13 Jul 2018, 06:36

Hi Michael,
It is very good that you included version information, but unfortunately your request is a bit light on other details.

Generally, I don't see any obvious connection between using 'Everything' with AHK and the use of AHK in browsers (with or without 'Midnight Lizard').

But as we have no idea what you are actually doing with AutohotKey, we cannot make any real recommendation here. The only connection between Midnight Lizard and browsers I can think of is if you are using specific pixel colors or images to do something in a browser (obviously changed colors could throw these off). But that should be obvious to you if you programmed your scripts yourself. If you just copied the scripts somewhere, how do you expect us to know them or what they are doing?

So, please elaborate and show your scripts, so that someone can take a look at it, or alternatively, start with deepening your own AHK skills. The Tutorial is usually a good starting point, before advancing to the subpages of the 'Usage and Syntax' section in the AHK docs (link above).

Btw, 'Bug reports' is really not the right section for your request. I don't see any Autohotkey bug here, at least there is not enough information to indicate the possibility that this would be a bug, and not rather a weakness in script design. The Ask for Help or the german-language Ich brauche Hilfe subforum would be more adequate. But perhaps one of the mods can move this thread.

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