Using AHK in an inactive + sandboxied window

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Using AHK in an inactive + sandboxied window

12 Aug 2018, 11:20

Hello hello..

Coming back to AHK after a few years and trying something different.

If i am using my active window (lets say i am playing a game on one screen) and i want AHK to undertake a task in a sandboxied window (which i can see on another screen) how would i go about this?

I think i may be competent enough (given time) to write a simple script that can be actioned if the sandboxie window was active - but what else do i need to do to action it whilst i keep my primary non sandboxie game the primary focus for windows.
My script will want to emulate simple and straight forward mouse and keyboard actions and will be quite short and linear - perhaps 5 or 6 repetitive actions.

I guess my initial question is can AHK be made to work to undertake mouse and keyboard actions in sandboxie whilst i am using my mouse and keyboard for something else.

All help and suggestions gratefully received.
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Re: Using AHK in an inactive + sandboxied window

13 Aug 2018, 19:37

did you try ControlSend etc?

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