ControlGetPos does not find RATINGS control in PROPERTIES window

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ControlGetPos does not find RATINGS control in PROPERTIES window

18 Aug 2018, 12:58

In this script, I am trying to "mechanically" set a value for a RATINGS for a file. I open a file's PROPERTIES, click the DETAILS tab, find the position of the RATINGS (the 5 stars) control and click the appropriate star.

(Please don't change the issue and tell me I should be doing this "programmatically" unless can you tell me how, because I have not found a way to do so.)

To see what I am doing, make these changes to my script: 1. Change the fileid to a .JPG file you have. 2. Change the DETX and DETY (detailsX and detailsY) values to match coordinates of the approximate center of the DETAILS tab when you open a PROPERTIES window for your .JPG.

If things go the same for you as me, you will get error 24, msgid 607e. In the script I try two methods to get the position of the RatingsControl1 control. Neither works for me. Errormsg 607E shows the variables which have not been set as expected.

While the error msgbox is being displayed, you can start WinSpy and validate that indeed the position and size of the RatingsControl1 control can be determined.

Why does my ControlGetPos command not work while WinSpy can get the information I want?

Code: Select all

irf_fileid := "C:\Users\Joey\Documents\my photos\Other people's pics\544963.jpg"
   a := FileAddRating(Irf_fileid,3)
   msgbox % a

   DetX := 155               ;  Change This value to match position of DETAILS tabs in PROPERTIES window
   DetY :=  20               ;  Change This value to match position of DETAILS tabs in PROPERTIES window

   Run, Properties %fileid%,, UseErrorLevel, PropPIDd
   If (ErrorLevel = "ERROR")
      return "20 - 603E Error running properties for file " fileid ".  Opsys getlasterror() value is " A_lastError
   SetTitleMatchMode, 2              ; 2- anywhere
   Coordmode, Mouse, Client
   sleep 1000
   WinWait, %OutFilename% Properties,,10
   If (ErrorLevel = 1)
      return "2 - 604E Timeout (10 sec.) waiting for window " OutFilename "Properties"
   WinActivate, %OutFilename% Properties
   WinWaitActive, %OutFilename% Properties
   sleep 500
   MouseMove, %DetX% , %DetY%                 ; move over Details tab
   sleep 20
   MouseGetPos, , , MouseWin , MouseCtrl
   if (MouseCtrl not = "SysTabControl321")
      return "16 - 608E No SysTabControl321 control under mouse after move to (" DetX DetY ").  Window=" %MouseWin%
   MouseClick, Left, %DetX%, %DetY%         ; click Details tab
   sleep 300
   WinGetText, wintext, A
   det := substr(wintext,1,7)
   if (det != "Details")
      return "16 - 605E Oops!  window has NO DETAILS tab or it is not where expected.  Filetype= " lowExt " Window=" %MouseWin%
   WinActivate, %OutFilename% Properties
   WinWaitActive, %OutFilename% Properties ,,5
   If ErrorLevel
      return "2 - Timeout (5 sec.) waiting for window '" %OutFilename% "Properties' to activate"
   ;  The following assumes the RATINGS control contains n stars, each of which occupies
   ;  1/n the total width of the RATINGS control.
   stars = 5
   WinActivate, %OutFilename% Properties
   WinWaitActive, %OutFilename% Properties ,,5
;        Method 1 : get position of RatingsControl1 control using ControlGetPos
;                   and window title
   ControlGetPos, RtX, RtY, RtW, RtH, RatingsControl1, %OutFilename% Properties
;        Method 2 : get position of RatingsControl1 control using ControlGetPos
;                   and Control's handle
   ControlGet, hCtl, Hwnd,, RatingsControl1, %OutFilename% Properties
   WinGetPos, xpos, ypos,,, % "ahk_id " hCtl
   if (RtX = "")
      return "24 - 607E No RatingsControl1 control found.`nRtx=" rtx "`nxpos="xpos "`nhCtl="hCtl
   RtHC := RtY + .5 * RtH
   StarX := RtX + (RtW / stars) * (rating - .5)
   MouseMove, %StarX%, %RtCH%               ; move over Star
   sleep 20
   msgbox  Over star at %starx%    %RtCH%
   MouseGetPos, , , MouseWin , MouseCtrl
   if (MouseCtrl != "RatingsControl1")
      WinGetTitle, MouseTitle, ahk_id %MouseWin%
      return "16 - 609E No RatingsControl1 control under mouse after move.`n found control= " MouseCtrl "`nWindow=" MouseTitle "`nFiletype " lowExt " probably does not support comments."
   Click, left
   sleep, 100
   send, !a                            ; apply
   sleep 200
   send, {enter}                       ; closes Properties window (presses OK button)
   return "0"

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