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22 Aug 2018, 03:11

Fixed SendInput/SendPlay to restore DownR/remapped modifiers.
Increased limit of hotkeys per script from 1000 to 32762.
Changed commands which accept On/Off/Toggle to also accept 1/0/-1 (where documented).
Improvements to debugger (DBGp) support:
  • Added support for the -d (stack depth) option.
  • Added (DBGp-only) .<base> pseudo-property to resolve ambiguity.
  • Fixed debugger to avoid unsupported re-entry during break state.
  • Fixed DBGp command parser to support quoted parameters.
Posts: 6207
Joined: 30 Sep 2013, 04:07
GitHub: Lexikos


10 Nov 2018, 17:54

Changed TV_Add/TV_Modify to allow "Bold1" and "Bold0".
Fixed hotkey pairs with non-zero #InputLevel blocking sent events.
Fixed Control Choose to send WM_COMMAND even if the control's ID is 0.
Fixed heap corruption in scripts with keyboard hook but no hotkeys.
Fixed escape sequences in one-line hotstrings with 'X' option.
Fixed `` escape sequence preceding a ; comment flag.
Fixed finally corrupting the value of a pending return.
Fixed MsgBox to detect timeouts even if the thread is interrupted.
Fixed Ahk2Exe to support more built-in variables in #Include. See #Include.

(The initial download omitted the last item from the documentation and had the wrong version of Ahk2Exe. It has been fixed.)
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