Help with basic Autosprint and Ctrl button script please? Topic is solved

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Help with basic Autosprint and Ctrl button script please?  Topic is solved

14 Sep 2018, 00:06

Hey all,

I have made CronusMax scripts a lot in the past for convenience of life issues for the consoles and the controllers.

I am now getting ito MKB gaming and would love to figure out how Autohotkey works exactly. The nomenclature is incredibly confusing for me.

Anyways my two required scripts :-

1) Auto sprint while RMB is NOT pressed

So simply every time I press 'w' shift should be pressed once, but this only happens while neither Mouse button button is being pressed.

2) Have Shift pressed once before Ctrl gets registered.

So simply Ctrl button = Shift press once + Ctrl.

So if I am holding Ctrl down then Shift should just be tapped once and Ctrl will be held down as long as I actually hold down the button. And If I am just tapping Ctrl, still Shift only gets tapped once before Ctrl gets tapped.

If someone could lightly just explain to me the way the script commands work it would help me edit my own in the future. Thanks!

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