Issue transfering code to another users

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Issue transfering code to another users

13 Oct 2018, 14:41

first of all i must say thank you for this great tool!

now for my question
when i use photo comparing it saves the photo on my hardisk (c:users/whatever)
and if i want to share my code with others it wont work that way
is there a way to write the photo as a different way? (like a shortcut for whatever folder the pmc file is)

my other question -
is there a way to make the photo comparing not be depended of screen resolution? (i found that it doesnt find the photos i took in another's computer even tho he has the photos on the dir it says on the code

thanks for your help
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Re: Issue transfering code to another users

06 Jan 2019, 08:16

Reg. photos: You can use generic Windows PATH variables lie %HOME%/pmc/pics and then you don't need to edit the script. The receiver places the photos in their %HOME% dir.

Regarding resolution: You must have the same resolution at execution time as you had when creating the script if you use xy-pointing. Or use only Image recognition and you are not dependent on resolution.

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