WBGet click alternativ?

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WBGet click alternativ?

21 Oct 2018, 22:36

Hi all,
i use WBGet to click on a text-link
the script work but i wanna ask is there any other way ?

this is the html i want click on Berlin
<a href="/s-anzeige/283">Berlin</a>

my current code

Code: Select all

searchterm := "Berlin"
Gui, Submit, NoHide
wb := WBGet()
Links := wb.Document.Links
		Loop % Links.Length
	If InStr(Links[A_Index-1].InnerText, searchterm)

WBGet(WinTitle="ahk_class IEFrame", Svr#=1) { ; based on ComObjQuery docs
   static   msg := DllCall("RegisterWindowMessage", "str", "WM_HTML_GETOBJECT")
   ,   IID := "{0002DF05-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}" ; IID_IWebBrowserApp
;   ,   IID := "{332C4427-26CB-11D0-B483-00C04FD90119}" ; IID_IHTMLWindow2
   SendMessage msg, 0, 0, Internet Explorer_Server%Svr#%, %WinTitle%
   if (ErrorLevel != "FAIL") {
      lResult:=ErrorLevel, VarSetCapacity(GUID,16,0)
      if DllCall("ole32\CLSIDFromString", "wstr","{332C4425-26CB-11D0-B483-00C04FD90119}", "ptr",&GUID) >= 0 {
         DllCall("oleacc\ObjectFromLresult", "ptr",lResult, "ptr",&GUID, "ptr",0, "ptr*",pdoc)
         return ComObj(9,ComObjQuery(pdoc,IID,IID),1), ObjRelease(pdoc)

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