[AHK v2] SciTE based Julia Editor + ConEmu (64-bit Only)

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[AHK v2] SciTE based Julia Editor + ConEmu (64-bit Only)

22 Oct 2018, 16:08


I made a script that connects SciTE and Julia because none of the IDE's out there worked for me (probably my fault). All outputs in Julia REPL console are read from conhost.exe's output buffer using a modified classMemory. The output is then sent to SciTE's output pane through the SciTE Director Interface, thus allowing infinite scrollback (more than Command Prompt's 9999 or ConEmu's 32766 limit). Single line commands and code blocks can be sent to Julia via keyboard shortcut CTRL+E, and the entire script file can be run with CTRL+R (after saving). This is done through the clipboard after parsing the code or filename with SciTE's builtin lua (so tabbed lines will display properly inside the REPL console). Existing clipboard data is saved before the operation and restored afterwards. The console app used here is ConEmu because it allows the use of Unifont, which is capable of displaying all Unicode plane 0 characters. The current configurations of SciTE and ConEmu *should* allow for them to function as is. I modified SciTE's builtin Python lexer properties to allow code folding for Julia and keyword highlights.

To try this out you should:
1) Install Julia Language
2) Download the entire project from GitHub (https://github.com/oif2003/JuliaSciTEConEmu)
3) Run "start.bat" (this will also set your SciTE_HOME variable to "A_ScriptDir\wscite")
4) On first run it should ask you to locate "julia.exe" which is usually found at "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Julia-X.X.X\bin"
...(Delete "config.ini" to change this later)
5) "test.jl" can be found inside the "wsite" folder
6) Try keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL+E, CTRL+R, or CTRL+1 (fix indentation of highlighted code with lua)

Julia: https://julialang.org/
SciTE 64-bit for Windows: https://sjohannes.wordpress.com/scite-win64-nightly/
Unifont: http://unifoundry.com/unifont/index.html
ConEmu: https://conemu.github.io/
This Repo: https://github.com/oif2003/JuliaSciTEConEmu

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