Use AutoHotKey to Execute a Google Apps Script

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Use AutoHotKey to Execute a Google Apps Script

03 Jan 2019, 13:13

Long story short, I have a Google Apps script that runs on a google sheet when a form is submitted. I can't have the script bounded to the sheet because the sheet is on a Team Drive and the script creates a document from the sheet -- which I need to be created in MY drive. So the script itself is located in my drive.

The only options I have for automatically triggering this script is time-based or calendar-based, so if I want it to run automatically, I have choices of every minute or every month ... I wanted it to run automatically on form submission, but that is clearly not possible anymore.

So now I guess I have to execute the script manually -- but nothing can be simple in Google Apps Scripts. I can't create a global shortcut for it from inside the script (well, not with my limited knowledge). The keyboard shortcuts are so limited in the Scripts editor that I can't use that option and tabbing to what I need is impossible because tabbing just tabs "around" the script editing area -- it never makes it into the menu area. Ctrl+R to run the script only works if the script I need is already highlighted, which can only be done by mouse as far as I can tell. If possible, I'd like to avoid having to go back and forth between the mouse and keyboard.

Has anyone created anything to execute a script that didn't involve having to open the editor?

Note: I'm not really interested in creating a whole new script do the job I want - it took forever to get what I have working correctly. I am just looking for a way to trigger it to run on command and wondering if anyone has already created something similar.


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