Visualize image search area at execution time.

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Visualize image search area at execution time.

06 Jan 2019, 08:18

When selecting the region for image search (by right clicking and drawing the rectangle) a red line is displayed showing the selected area until the right mouse button is release, at which point the coordinates of the rectangle are read and written in the 'regions start' and 'region end' as xy-coordinates.

That's fine and it works.

I have a 'cascade' image search: first I search for an image with hard coded 'search region'. When the first image is found I use the returned %FoundX% and %FoundY% coordinates to calculate the region for the second search. This last search region is in very different parts each time.

I would like to visualize (at execution time) this last dynamically created search region by means of a colored rectangle, similar to how a rectangle is displayed when a region is selected by hand as in the beginning of my description.

Is there a way to do that?

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