PMC Files disappearing in Windows 10

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PMC Files disappearing in Windows 10

06 Jan 2019, 08:31

I've been working with PMC 5.0.5 (x64) several months in Windows 7 without any kind of problem.

I have now a brand new laptop with Windows 10 and files are suddenly gone at (apparently) random times without any kind of reason.

I was working with 4 pmc scripts which I opened with PMC's very own 'recent files' menu. Suddenly one of the files (while I tried to open it) responded 'this file does not exist'.
I never recoverd that file, tried with Recuva and other programs the file was GONE. Luckily I had a backup but still I missed several hours of work.

So I moved everything to Dropbox. Yesterday a new incident: 'the file does not exist'. WTF!!?? I went to Dropbox: 'file deleted 3 minutes ago'. I NEVER deleted the file.

I have Googled and apparently it is a known Windows 10 bug that appeared 2014 but MS has done nothing.

I feel safer with Dropbox but still, very enerving when it happens. Anyone else has this experience?

It is ONLY PMC files that disappear.

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