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Script for PowerShell

09 Jan 2019, 03:48

Hello people. Please lend me a hand if possible, I really need assistance.

I need someone to tell me how can I write a script that does the following actions:
<Press> Windows key + x -----> which opens a menu from the Windows start up column;
<Press> a --------> which open PowerShell as Admin
As I'm using and testing with Windows 10, a prompt will pop up. And against this I need the script to...
<Press> ALT + y ----> which would confirm to the prompt about opening PowerShell as admin
Once the PowerShell console started as System32/AUTHORITY, there are only 4 commands the script would need to run in the PowerShell console.
Please, ¿anybody know how can I build this?

The main idea behind this is to compile this script to ".exe", so I can reproduce the process every time I need to work with it on my computer.

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