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League of Legends SpinningLaugh Tryndamere

09 Jan 2019, 12:36

This is a simple macro that allows tryndamere to laugh while spinning ingame. It is fun to taunt enemy players.

Without the tool, it is possible to reproduce the LaughSpin by using E then quickly laughing during the E animation.

I tried to make a simpler tool that would do the exact same steps as what a human would do, the issue is that if you pressed E while it was on cooldown, the macro wouldn't know the spell was on cooldown and would make you laugh without spinning, which would make you stop walking and attacking. To work around this, I used pixel colour recognition to detect if the E ability was on cooldown or not.

To use the macro, go inside a game (test it in training mode), learn the E ability and then press Numpad0. you will get a message box telling you the macro is now set up. Now use your E ability and you will LaughSpin with success every time, without the bugs of a simpler macro.

Feel free to suggest improvements, and I will try to implement them if I get enough free time.
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