csgo script help (remapping/keybinding)

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csgo script help (remapping/keybinding)

11 Jan 2019, 20:13

hi im trying to remap a key (for csgo bhop) to my mouse. I want to bind to Mouse3 (scroll button) or mwheelup (scroll wheel up) or mwheeldown. (wheel down) if there is no way for my script to bind to wheel up/down, what about mouse3? thanks!

*DEL:: Suspend, Toggle
Sleep .1
GetKeyState, SpaceState, d, P
If SpaceState = U
Sleep 1
Send, {Blind}{d}

I dont use space to jump, only D. i use asdf, not wasd. i hate wasd. anyway, since that i usually chat in csgo and i keep forgetting to turn it off before chatting. and almost every time i type it spams d in chat and i dont want them to know im scripting.

i use Sleep .1 and Sleep 1 because that is the best way to easily bhop script in csgo.
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Re: csgo script help (remapping/keybinding)

18 Jan 2019, 03:39

anything this?:

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*MButton:: ;scroll button
While, GetKeyState("MButton","P")
	Sleep 1
	Send, {Blind}{d}

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