How to compile?

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How to compile?

12 Jan 2019, 08:39

Hi, I recently upgraded to a new version and now my compile command doesn't work anymore - file is created with no error but doesn't run. The command below worked with the older version. Now I copied the recent AutoHotkey.exe to AutoHotkey folder and the whole Compiler folder to Compiler folder. Ahk is working ok under the new version.

What am I doing wrong?

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SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
SplitPath, A_AhkPath,, AhkDir
RunWait, %AhkDir%\AutoHotkey.exe "%AhkDir%\Compiler\Ahk2Exe.ahk" /in App.ahk /out App.exe /icon App.ico /bin "%AhkDir%\AutoHotkey.exe" ,, UseErrorLevel
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Re: How to compile?

12 Jan 2019, 20:17

i cant compile v2 x64. i u could do a dumbed down step by step writeup of how to do it, thatd be great
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Re: How to compile?

13 Jan 2019, 16:04

Runs fine for me, can you try a simple script like MsgBox?

Here same example for v2:

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SetWorkingDir A_ScriptDir
SplitPath A_AhkPath,, AhkDir
RunWait AhkDir "\AutoHotkey.exe `"" AhkDir "\Compiler\Ahk2Exe.ahk`" /in `"" A_WorkingDir "\App.ahk`" /out `"" A_WorkingDir "\App.exe`" /bin `"" AhkDir "\AutoHotkey.exe`""

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