How to disable native Windows functions (keys)?

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How to disable native Windows functions (keys)?

12 Jan 2019, 17:40


I would like to do the following two modifications (Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit):

1) Removing the PrintScreen functionality
My aim is that if I press PrintScreen, nothing will happen.
1. AutoHotkey should still be able to work with PrintScreen::
2. Alt+PrintScreen and Shift+PrintScreen should still be possible (by Windows)

2) Blocking the Alt+Numpad functions
Whenever I press and hold the Alt key and press any Numpad key afterwards, Windows generates some characters.
For me this is only disturbing, besides I will never remember those kombinations.
Any idea how to block them without using AHK?
I think I did something like that many years ago by modifying the Regedit, but I'm not such a crack anymore :mrgreen:

Thanks for any help!

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Re: How to disable native Windows functions (keys)?

18 Jan 2019, 22:04

Tested in Windows10 64-bit... for


If you figure out how to do this via Regedit again, please let me know :twisted:

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