Array of Objects

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Array of Objects

13 Jan 2019, 22:45

Hi guys,

I've been trolling through tutorials, googling, and reading the how tos, but haven't worked out how to do something with data.

Let me start with the problem, as I'm not at this point sure even on the solution. I'm trying to automate an sql database front-end, as there's a need to create the same 'template' of data often. The front-end is web-based, so that it can be accessed from any computer without the need to install additional software. A template has a number of entries of a particular 'type', and those entries have a parameter package attached (Type and Parameters). In the form this is just selecting two fields and hitting save, and the program creates the very complex data structure. The types can then be split into new types; the types and the parameter packages attached can all be different. For example, one type could be split into 4 new types, where all four types are different and all parameter packages are different.

I need this in an array, so that the data is indexed.

I imagine the data would look something like this
Template = [Index, Type, Params, [SplitArray], SplitAmount]
SplitArray = [Index, Type, Params]

Where, split is a reference to another array of types, and the splitamount is the maxindex for that array. I don't know if something like this is even possible in AHK?
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Re: Array of Objects

14 Jan 2019, 01:46

I do not understand what your goal (because of me).

Just check out my previous post. ... 76&t=60712

Good Luck

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