how to active IE object on IE 9 browser

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how to active IE object on IE 9 browser

14 Jan 2019, 03:20

hello everyone,
i was able to activate IE8 objects using code below:

Code: Select all

IEGet(Name="") {
   IfEqual, Name,, WinGetTitle, Name, ahk_class IEFrame     ;// Get active window if no parameter
   Name := (Name="New Tab - Windows Internet Explorer")? "about:Tabs":RegExReplace(Name, " - (Windows|Microsoft)? ?Internet Explorer$")
   for wb in ComObjCreate("Shell.Application").Windows()
      if wb.LocationName=Name and InStr(wb.FullName, "iexplore.exe")
         return wb
but i am unable to do that using IE9, do you know how to solve this problem? thx before

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