Other tools for automation?

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Other tools for automation?

14 Jan 2019, 04:12

Does anyone know or use other automation tools than AutoHotKey for simple automations?
I'm curious about automating Edge, Chrome and other browsers, as well having at least a part of functionality of AutoHotKey.
Is there any other tools, which are free and allows it?
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Re: Other tools for automation?

14 Jan 2019, 05:20

Some ideas... concerning browsers: Well, for Chrome there is geekdude's Chrome.ahk library (similar to COM for IE). There is also the (third-party) Selenium Webdriver which can work with different browsers (works with AHK https://the-automator.com/cross-browser ... -selenium/ and other programming languages).

Without AHK, there is this whole software category called headless browsers (no GUI, mainly for testing but might be useful for certain use cases).
Usually: the more powerful, the more complicated it gets - and simple usually means not very powerful.
I think there are also some add-ons for browsers that can do specialized things... and bookmarklets.

It really depends what you want to do exactly...

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