pls ask for saving

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pls ask for saving

14 Feb 2019, 02:46

please ask before saving on closing! Please do this to the default setting. yes I know we can set this somewhere.

Moment it happened again that I had changed all URL in a script by notpad++ (some of much editors i use)
and by closing it in Studio, all links are there again.

sometimes I download the new version of Studio and again I have the problem that it destroys changes, made by WinMerge, notepad or so. Please.

BTW i love your script so much! thanks!

Or what i also like very much. See notepadd++:

"Open a text file in n++, make some modification, press ALT-F4 or Close program. The N++ won't ask "Do you want to save your changes". Instead it quits and text file on hdd remains unchanged.
But when I open the N++ again, the MODIFIED file is still in there."
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Re: pls ask for saving

17 Jul 2019, 10:50

Please ask before save!

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