question fo class_dd imagesearch (double monitor)

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question fo class_dd imagesearch (double monitor)

17 Mar 2019, 00:54

hello guys i have some question.

when i use one monitor , the program works well.

but , if i use double monitor it doesn't work. why this situation happening?? ...

some solution plz....!!

this is my code.

ImageSearch,vx,vy,0,0,a_ScreenWidth,a_Screenheight, *transblack *7 hello.bmp
if errorlevel = 0
sleep 100

sleep 100
sleep 2000
sleep 100
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Re: question fo class_dd imagesearch (double monitor)

17 Mar 2019, 04:33

go over every instruction in ur code and check whether it can fail in some way

  • is the image being loaded
  • are the search coordinates being supplied correct
  • can it find the image
  • does it output coordinates that make sense
  • CoordMode?
_dd stuff
  • are u giving it the right coordinates
  • does it even support the coordinates ure supplying
etc etc
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Re: question fo class_dd imagesearch (double monitor)

17 Mar 2019, 14:02

Maybe you must change this line:
ImageSearch,vx,vy,0,0,a_ScreenWidth,a_Screenheight, *transblack *7 hello.bmp
ImageSearch,vx,vy,-1920,0,a_ScreenWidth,a_Screenheight, *transblack *7 hello.bmp
(For example)

If you use more than 1 display, it can be needed to work with negative pixel coordinates.
In such a case:
Main display -> Secondary display
I think 0, 0 is the smallest possible.
But for this case:
Secondary display -> Main display
0, 0 is the start point of the main display.
If the secondary display's resolution is 1920x1080,
-1920, 0 will be the smallest possible coordinate.

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