How to use GuiControl with dynamically added Gui elements?

Get help with using AutoHotkey and its commands and hotkeys
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How to use GuiControl with dynamically added Gui elements?

16 Apr 2019, 01:14

Hi, I am trying to create a script where you can choose the number Broken Link for safety of hotkeys you want (you can set the number to 3 for example and three 'Hotkey' Gui elements should appear as a list). Now my problem is, that when I try to hide a 'Hotkey' element that I have created at some point before, it gives me an errorlevel of 1 (and it does not hide the element).
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Re: How to use GuiControl with dynamically added Gui elements?

17 Apr 2019, 13:37

Welcome to the forum,
I just saw that you added today your signature (and tried to add another link to the post above that you made yesterday) - well, we have no exact rules for signatures, but we don't like spam.

In my opinion, the signature should have at least a loose relation to the topic of this forum, the official AHK forum (as, for example, links to your Github or scripts you created, perhaps your homepage if it is AHK- or programming-related; or a statement about AHK or programming etc.)

But your signature just looks like a vehicle for unrelated link spam (apart from the fact that the tags don't work and create a complete mess) - this is especially critical as you are a very new user that hasn't contributed so far. That's why I would advise you to remove this signature in its current format (otherwise it could happen that a team member will see the necessity for administrative action).

Thank you for your cooperation and have fun with AutoHotkey! Perhaps provide the code you have tried so far for your potential helpers, if you are still interested in the topic...

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