RButton and LShift Problem

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RButton and LShift Problem

22 Apr 2019, 06:55

The problem is that when both MouseHook and KeybdHook are active, if your script remaps LShift to some key and RButton to some other key, it will cause to get RButton stuck down if you hold down LShift and Right-Click.

Here's an example:

Code: Select all

#SingleInstance force

~LShift & LAlt::LAlt

#IfWinActive ahk_exe notepad.exe
RButton & LButton::Up
MButton & RButton::Down
Run the script, open any window like chrome.exe, and now hold down LShift and try to Right-Click somewhere:
1. The context menu doesn't open.
2. The RButton is stuck.
3. Try Left-Clicking out of the chrome window (on another window), LButton doesn't work unless you Right-Click so the RButton virtually goes up, now you can Left-Click.

As you can see we isolated RButton inside a #IfWinActive, but the RButton gets stuck not only on notepad.exe but any other window, as you saw, we tested on chrome.exe.

Kind of a similar issue here: https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/150202-shift-key-gets-virtually-stuck-held-down-while-using-a-script/

Any help?

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