Warframe ban for using AHK

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Warframe ban for using AHK

14 Jun 2019, 18:48

Hi AHK community!

Here to warn, that DEvelopers is begin to suspend accounts permanently for scripts like this:

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send {1}
sleep 15000
How do you think. Is it count as bot now?
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Re: Warframe ban for using AHK

16 Jun 2019, 22:10

if the script is running as an exe it might be triggering something, it's best to just run the script as an AU3 file. Or if you are going AFK while leaving a loop like this running to avoid being kicked due to inactivity or something like that, that is botting, and perhaps they have people looking out for things like this.
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Re: Warframe ban for using AHK

16 Jun 2019, 22:14

AU3 is the file extension for AutoIt. You probably mean .ahk. But if it really makes a difference if you compile or not... 🤷‍♂️
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Re: Warframe ban for using AHK

21 Jul 2019, 08:42

PipeDreams wrote:
16 Jun 2019, 23:34
lol yes i meant ahk. if you take a look around the https://www.unknowncheats.me forums I have seen a few devs say such things.
Only high-end anti cheat detects ahk and it does not matter compiled or not. He got detected because of obvious botting.

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