How does GUI and GUIControl work?

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How does GUI and GUIControl work?

13 Jul 2019, 17:15

I've done a lot of searching on the interwebs trying to find ways to superimpose a text overlay on top of a fullscreen app/game (using C#). Everything I've found seems to indicate that fairly low-level process injection (a la FRAPS I believe) is required to make this happen.

However I recently discovered what AHK's GUI and GUIControl can do. I recognize that these use native C++ to work, so do these functions also perform some behind-the-scenes injection? I'd hate to get flagged for false-positive "cheating" since (I believe) this kind of injection is usually treated as suspicious.

Thoughts? Thanks!!

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Re: How does GUI and GUIControl work?

14 Jul 2019, 11:22

i was gonna write something but it looks like i already had, some time ago, sadly still relevant

the only thing ill add is this: yes, ahk guis are made with C++. this doesnt matter. u could make ahk guis in AHK(with a lot of dllcalls), too.
but if u can get an ahk gui to show up on top of a fullscreen app, then ur app isnt running true fullscreen
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Re: How does GUI and GUIControl work?

20 Jul 2019, 05:59

Yeh I have had some scripts before that only worked on a game that had built in full screen windowed mode available. In game full screen they would not display...

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