How to change the names of monitors

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How to change the names of monitors

31 Dec 2019, 00:24

Hi Folks,
Here's a script that displays the monitor number and monitor name of all monitors:

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SysGet,NumMons,MonitorCount ; get number of monitors
Loop,%NumMons% ; process all monitors
  SysGet,MonName,MonitorName,%A_Index% ; get name of this monitor
  MonNames:=MonNames . A_Index . "=" . MonName . "`n"
MsgBox,4160,Monitor Names,%MonNames%
Here's sample output from it:

monitor names.png
monitor names.png (15.87 KiB) Viewed 307 times

Anyone know how to change the monitor names? I'd rather have names like Laptop Screen, HP Pavilion, Dell UltraSharp, etc. Thanks, Joe

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