Using two screens

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Using two screens

23 May 2020, 15:59

Hey guys !

I tried a lot of things with the mouse, move mouse, mouse position and click, and there's no way I can find a solution to automate a (clic + text + enter) loop, while I'm using two different screens, or two different apps.
I want to autmate the click in my discord app in the right screen, and it works, but when I click on words for example to write something, it clicks somewhere else, or in words. Even if I set the click with the x/y points in my right screen, when I use an other software the automation doesn't work.

Do you know how I can automate that click + text even when I'm using an other software ?
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Re: Using two screens

23 May 2020, 22:33

Perhaps try ControlSend - that would avoid the constant clicking around, if it works.

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