FFXHD Enter or E Spam Script

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FFXHD Enter or E Spam Script

25 Jul 2020, 11:33

Hello all,

I'm trying to fill out the sphere grid for each character for the achievement, but don't want to press enter that many times to fill it all out. I've tried running a few different scripts to have enter mashed every couple seconds so it does it while I AFK, but the script hasn't been working in game. Once I tried it with E, but same outcome and then it wouldn't let me use the E key in game while it was running. Is there any way to get a button mash working like that in FFXHD? I'm pretty sure the thunder dodging script I used was also run in AHK and worked in game, so my thought process is that it should work but my script has been wrong. I don't have all the ones I've used saved, but here's a couple.


Code: Select all

SetTimer, PressTheKey, 2000

Send, {Enter}

Code: Select all

SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
#SingleInstance force

    Send, {Enter}
    Sleep, 1000 ;make some delay
}until GetKeyState("Numpad5", "P")
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