Win32 API Constants - proper calcs

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Win32 API Constants - proper calcs

02 Aug 2020, 14:15

Just trying to find out some of the finer aspects of translating Win32 API constants. I've come across this list here that seems quite exhaustive. I'm working on a GUI to easily reference these. I know a similar one exists, but it only has about 7000 constants compared to this list's 50,000+.

In particular, I'm asking about constant values that are enclosed in (parenthesis). At first glance this seems redundant, though thanks to this post on stackoverflow i understand a little more why some of these values are enclosed in (parenthesis).

I'm wondering for the uses of AutoHotkey, is there any need to translate these simple-looking expressions in any other way other than normal Bitwise Or, addition, subtraction, division, etc, or whatever is in the parenthesis? That stackoverflow post seems to indicate that integers NOT in parenthesis might be concatenated as strings, unless i misunderstood the marked answer, however strVar + "\\" + strVar2 seems to be the "normal" way to do this for most other constants in this list.

Any help and understanding would be great!


Also trying to make sense out of these lines with multiple = ...


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