Cannot send ^!{f}

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Cannot send ^!{f}

02 Aug 2020, 15:57

I am using AHK with Avid Pro Tools and it has become indispensable to my workflow... I am trying to assign a hotkey to send a Control-Alt-F Command, and I simply cannot get this little bit to work. I have tried:

Send, ^!{f}


Send, {LControl Down}
Send, {LAlt Down}
Send, {f}
Send, {LAlt Up}
Send, {LControl Up}


Send, {LControl Down}{LAlt Down} {f}{LAlt Up}{LControl Up}

I have also tried to set the key delay to 50.

Nothing seems to work! Any help is appreciated!
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Re: Cannot send ^!{f}

02 Aug 2020, 16:51

Try running the script as administrator.

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