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Get help for the alpha version of AutoHotkey v2 here. Please state the v2 version you are working with in the title when making a new topic.
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V1 vs V2

28 Nov 2020, 13:45

Is there any summary of the differences between V1 and V2? I started reading the V2 manual but havent really found anything i dont remember from V1.

Im learning V1 but im thinking that maybe its better to learn V2 straight away.
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Re: V1 vs V2

28 Nov 2020, 14:19

Looks great! Is v2 considered stable?
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Re: V1 vs V2

28 Nov 2020, 14:28

No, it's still in alpha stage.
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Re: V1 vs V2

28 Nov 2020, 15:04


Just wanted to add, I use v2 daily. No major issues, HOWEVER, a few months ago there were SEVERAL back to back updates, and the changes were a little tough to keep up with in a few cases (depends on how many scripts you maintain and how big they are).

v2 is great, but you kinda have to have the right mind set, otherwise some of your scripts might get suck in an antiquated version of the alpha and be left in the dust of updates.
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Re: V1 vs V2

28 Nov 2020, 15:10

TBH, the subject line made me thinking that this is a 'Wunderwaffen'-thread :silent: :think: :shh:
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Re: V1 vs V2

06 Dec 2020, 08:48

Been using an earlier version and could never figure out why the script would stop working after half an hour or so. Windows 10 has to be the cause. just updated to the latest "stable" version and hope this never happens again. Now I'm intrigued by vers 2. I use AHK to prevent left alt tabbing during gaming (also to prevent caps lock from being toggled).
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Re: V1 vs V2

06 Dec 2020, 11:06

I'm also using V2. I've done some complicated mapping, with custom joystick modifiers, custom joystick function-key-like buttons, etc, and have not encountered any kind of trouble. Some syntax may change as it updates, but there is nothing forcing you to update (unless you continuously share your scripts with the public).

Since we're sharing, I started using autohotkey to prevent myself from rage quitting in Street Fighter V. It takes me about 3-5 seconds to cool down after getting destroyed. Before those seconds pass, I want to attack, but the fight is over, so I only have one means to do so. I had to block all of the possible app-exits that can be executed in less than 5 seconds. The window X button, Alt+F4, task manager, etc. It helped tremendously. So much, that I have a custom shortcut that auto-launches the script with Street Fighter, and never play online without it.

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