Sets a variable to itself times the given value. Synonymous with: Var *= Value.

Deprecated: This command is not recommended for use in new scripts. Use Var := Var * Value or Var *= Value instead.

EnvMult, Var, Value



The name of the variable upon which to operate.


Any integer, floating point number, or expression.


This command is equivalent to the shorthand style: Var *= Value.

If either Var or Value is blank or does not start with a number, it is considered to be 0 for the purpose of the calculation (except when used internally in an expression such as Var := X *= Y).

If either Var or Value contains a decimal point, the end result will be a floating point number in the format set by SetFormat.

EnvAdd, EnvSub, EnvDiv, SetFormat, Expressions, If var is [not] type, SetEnv, bitwise operations (Transform)


Sets MyCount to itself times 2.

EnvMult, MyCount, 2

Equivalent to above.

MyCount *= 2