SetRegView [v1.1.08+]

Sets the registry view used by RegRead, RegWrite, RegDelete and registry loops.

SetRegView, RegView



Specify 32 to view the registry as a 32-bit application would, or 64 to view the registry as a 64-bit application would.

Specify the word Default to restore normal behaviour.

General Remarks

This command is only useful on Windows 64-bit. It has no effect on Windows 32-bit.

On 64-bit systems, 32-bit applications run on a subsystem of Windows called WOW64. By default, the system redirects certain registry keys to prevent conflicts. For example, in a 32-bit script, HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoHotkey is redirected to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\AutoHotkey. SetRegView allows the registry commands in a 32-bit script to access redirected keys in the 64-bit registry view and vice versa.

The built-in variable A_RegView contains the current setting. Every newly launched thread (such as a hotkey, custom menu item, or timed subroutine) starts off fresh with the default setting for this command. That default may be changed by using this command in the auto-execute section (top part of the script).


RegRead, RegWrite, RegDelete, Loop (registry)


#1: Shows how to set a specific registry view, and how registry redirection affects the script.

; Access the registry as a 32-bit application would.
SetRegView 32
RegWrite REG_SZ, HKLM, SOFTWARE\Test.ahk, Value, 123

; Access the registry as a 64-bit application would.
SetRegView 64
RegRead value, HKLM, SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Test.ahk, Value
RegDelete HKLM, SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Test.ahk

MsgBox Read value '%value%' via Wow6432Node.

; Restore the registry view to the default, which
; depends on whether the script is 32-bit or 64-bit.
SetRegView Default

#2: Shows how to detect the type of EXE and operating system on which the script is running.

if (A_PtrSize = 8)
    script_is := "64-bit"
else ; if (A_PtrSize = 4)
    script_is := "32-bit"

if (A_Is64bitOS)
    OS_is := "64-bit"
    OS_is := "32-bit, which has only a single registry view"

MsgBox This script is %script_is%, and the OS is %OS_is%.