Changes how long the script keeps trying to access the clipboard when the first attempt fails.

#ClipboardTimeout Milliseconds



The length of the interval in milliseconds. Specify -1 to have it keep trying indefinitely. Specify 0 to have it try only once. Scripts that do not contain this directive use a 1000 ms timeout.


Some applications keep the clipboard open for long periods of time, perhaps to write or read large amounts of data. In such cases, increasing this setting causes the script to wait longer before giving up and displaying an error message.

This settings applies to all clipboard operations, the simplest of which are the following examples: Var := Clipboard and Clipboard := "New Text".

Whenever the script is waiting for the clipboard to become available, new threads cannot be launched and timers will not run. However, if the user presses a hotkey, selects a custom menu item, or performs a GUI action such as pressing a button, that event will be buffered until later; in other words, its subroutine will be performed after the clipboard finally becomes available.

This directive does not cause the reading of clipboard data to be reattempted if the first attempt fails. Prior to [v1.1.16], it did cause the script to wait until the timeout expired, but in doing so prevented any further data from being retrieved.


Clipboard, Thread



#ClipboardTimeout 2000