Changes the script's comment symbol from semicolon to some other string.

Note: This directive is not recommended for use in new scripts because a) it does more harm than good and b) it is no longer available in AutoHotkey v2.

#CommentFlag NewString



One or more characters that should be used as the new comment flag. Up to 15 characters may be specified.


The default comment flag is semicolon (;).

The comment flag is used to indicate that text that follows it should not be acted upon by the script (comments are not loaded into memory when a script is launched, so they do not affect performance).

A comment flag that appears on the same line as a command is not considered to mark a comment unless it has at least one space or tab to its left. For example:

MsgBox, Test1 ; This is a comment.
MsgBox, Test2; This is not a comment and will be displayed by MsgBox.





#CommentFlag //  ; Change to C++ comment style.