Along with #HotkeyInterval, specifies the rate of hotkey activations beyond which a warning dialog will be displayed.

#MaxHotkeysPerInterval Value



The maximum number of hotkeys that can be pressed in the interval specified by #HotkeyInterval without triggering a warning dialog.


Care should be taken not to make the above too lenient because if you ever inadvertently introduce an infinite loop of keystrokes (via a Send command that accidentally triggers other hotkeys), your computer could become unresponsive due to the rapid flood of keyboard events.

As an oversimplified example, the hotkey ^c::Send ^c would produce an infinite loop of keystrokes. To avoid this, add the $ prefix to the hotkey definition (e.g. $^c::) so that the hotkey cannot be triggered by the Send command.

If this directive is unspecified in the script, it will behave as though set to 70.

Like other directives, #MaxHotkeysPerInterval cannot be executed conditionally.



Allows to press a maximum of 200 instead of 70 hotkeys per interval.

#MaxHotkeysPerInterval 200