Changes the attributes of one or more files or folders. Wildcards are supported.

FileSetAttrib, Attributes , FilePattern, OperateOnFolders?, Recurse?



The attributes to change. For example, +HA-R.

To easily turn on, turn off or toggle attributes, prefix one or more of the following attribute letters with a plus sign (+), minus sign (-) or caret (^), respectively:

Note: Currently, the compression state of files cannot be changed with this command.

The name of a single file or folder, or a wildcard pattern such as C:\Temp\*.tmp. FilePattern is assumed to be in %A_WorkingDir% if an absolute path isn't specified.

If omitted, the current file of the innermost enclosing File-Loop will be used instead.


If blank or omitted, it defaults to 0 (only files are operated upon). Otherwise, specify one of the following digits:

Note: If FilePattern is a single folder rather than a wildcard pattern, it will always be operated upon regardless of this setting.

This parameter can be an expression.


If blank or omitted, it defaults to 0 (subfolders are not recursed into). Otherwise, specify one of the following digits:

This parameter can be an expression.

Error Handling

[v1.1.04+]: This command is able to throw an exception on failure. For more information, see Runtime Errors.

ErrorLevel is set to the number of files that failed to be changed or 0 otherwise.

If files were found, A_LastError is set to 0 (zero) or the result of the operating system's GetLastError() function immediately after the last failure. Otherwise A_LastError contains an error code that might indicate why no files were found.

FileGetAttrib, FileGetTime, FileSetTime, FileGetSize, FileGetVersion, File-loop


Turns on the "read-only" and "hidden" attributes of all files and directories (subdirectories are not recursed into).

FileSetAttrib, +RH, C:\MyFiles\*.*, 1  ; +RH is identical to +R+H

Toggles the "hidden" attribute of a single directory.

FileSetAttrib, ^H, C:\MyFiles

Turns off the "read-only" attribute and turns on the "archive" attribute of a single file.

FileSetAttrib, -R+A, C:\New Text File.txt

Recurses through all .ini files on the C drive and turns on their "archive" attribute.

FileSetAttrib, +A, C:\*.ini, , 1