IfWinExist / IfWinNotExist

Checks if the specified window exists.

Deprecated: These control flow statements are not recommended for use in new scripts. Use the WinExist function instead.

IfWinExist , WinTitle, WinText, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText
IfWinNotExist , WinTitle, WinText, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText


WinTitle, WinText, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText

If each of these is blank or omitted, the Last Found Window will be used. Otherwise, specify for WinTitle a window title or other criteria to identify the target window and/or for WinText a substring from a single text element of the target window (as revealed by the included Window Spy utility).

ExcludeTitle and ExcludeText can be used to exclude one or more windows by their title or text. Their specification is similar to WinTitle and WinText, except that ExcludeTitle does not recognize any criteria other than the window title.

Window titles and text are case-sensitive. By default, hidden windows are not detected and hidden text elements are detected, unless changed with DetectHiddenWindows and DetectHiddenText. By default, a window title must start with the specified WinTitle or ExcludeTitle to be a match, unless changed with SetTitleMatchMode.

Note: Due to backward compatibility, ExcludeTitle will be interpreted as a command if it exactly matches the name of a command. To work around this, use the WinActive function instead.


If either of these control flow statements determines that a qualified window exists, the Last Found Window will be updated to be that window. In other words, if IfWinExist evaluates to true or IfWinNotExist evaluates to false, the Last Found Window will be updated.

To discover the HWND of a control (for use with Post/SendMessage or DllCall), use ControlGet Hwnd or MouseGetPos.

SetWinDelay does not apply to these control flow statements.

WinExist(), WinActive(), SetTitleMatchMode, DetectHiddenWindows, Last Found Window, Process, WinActivate, WinWaitActive, WinWait, WinWaitClose, #IfWinActive/Exist


Activates and maximizes the Notepad window found by the IfWinExist statement above.

IfWinExist, Untitled - Notepad
    WinActivate ; Use the window found by IfWinExist.
    WinMaximize ; Same as above.
    Send, Some text.{Enter}

Returns if the calculator does not exist, otherwise it will be activated and moved to a new position.

IfWinNotExist, Calculator
    WinActivate ; Use the window found by IfWinNotExist.
    WinMove, 40, 40 ; Same as above.