Displays the hotkeys in use by the current script, whether their subroutines are currently running, and whether or not they use the keyboard or mouse hook.


This command is equivalent to selecting the View->Hotkeys menu item in the main window.

If a hotkey has been disabled via the Hotkey command, it will be listed as OFF or PART ("PART" means that only some of the hotkey's variants are disabled).

[v1.1.16+]: If any of a hotkey's variants have a non-zero #InputLevel, the level (or minimum and maximum levels) are displayed.

If any of a hotkey's subroutines are currently running, the total number of threads is displayed for that hotkey.

Finally, the type of hotkey is also displayed, which is one of the following:

#InstallKeybdHook, #InstallMouseHook, #UseHook, KeyHistory, ListLines, ListVars, #MaxThreadsPerHotkey, #MaxHotkeysPerInterval


Displays information about the hotkeys used by the current script.