Retrieves the specified window's class name.

WinGetClass, OutputVar , WinTitle, WinText, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText



The name of the output variable in which to store the retrieved class name.

WinTitle, WinText, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText

If each of these is blank or omitted, the Last Found Window will be used. Otherwise, specify for WinTitle a window title or other criteria to identify the target window and/or for WinText a substring from a single text element of the target window (as revealed by the included Window Spy utility).

ExcludeTitle and ExcludeText can be used to exclude one or more windows by their title or text. Their specification is similar to WinTitle and WinText, except that ExcludeTitle does not recognize any criteria other than the window title.

Window titles and text are case-sensitive. By default, hidden windows are not detected and hidden text elements are detected, unless changed with DetectHiddenWindows and DetectHiddenText. By default, a window title must start with the specified WinTitle or ExcludeTitle to be a match, unless changed with SetTitleMatchMode.


If there is no matching window, OutputVar is made blank.

For a general explanation of window classes and one way to use them, see ahk_class.

Only the class name is retrieved (the prefix "ahk_class" is not included in OutputVar).

WinGet, WinGetTitle


Retrieves and reports the class name of the active window.

WinGetClass, class, A
MsgBox, The active window's class is "%class%".